Breef's $5M Recovery Grant

Breef's $5M Recovery Grant

When we set out to build Breef, we hoped remote work would become the new standard. Nobody anticipated it would come so soon.

What’s been unique about this change, is that companies have not only adjusted to being in a different place, but also, a different time. Budgets cut. Teams downsized. Companies on hold. And most importantly, a revolution commenced - for the better. This is only just the beginning. 

And so, as we enter a new way of work, we are forced to think about how we return and grow - with less resources, greater uncertainty, and an obligation to make things right. 

As the modern, end-to-end outsourcing solution, flexible and affordable work is at the core of our ethos. Our community welcomes brands, entrepreneurs, and creatives to do better work, together

Our Contribution: A New Way of Working, in a New World

Today, we’re sharing Breef with you. We're excited to introduce the $5M Recovery Grant. A program designed to set a path forward, as the world moves towards return-to-work following the aftermath of Covid-19.

Our mission is to support small businesses and entrepreneurs by providing the resources + technology to rebuild. 

More on the Recovery Grant 

Recovery will look different for everyone. Whether it’s to re-open, restructure, or further grow, we’re here to help. Rethink what isn’t working, amplify what is. 

Over the next 6 months, we’ll provide Grant Recipients with $4K+ in resources to support restructuring in budgets, hiring, and initiatives. This includes: 

  • 6 month premium Breef Membership ($3,594 value)
  • Dedicated Project Curator 
  • Unlimited Project Strategy + Planning Calls 
  • Access to Breef's Project Platform
  • Complimentary Project Credits  (2 x valued at $499 each)
  • Recovery Roundtables + more 

We want to become a true extension of your team.  

That’s why we took the decision to share our product, and make a tangible contribution to your business in the form of strategic support, guidance, as well as the digital tools to give you confidence in the next phase. 

We know there’s lots of resources out there to support businesses financially. All of those are worthy programs, which will help "keep things moving". We’re here to help you in a different way - providing the technical resources and structures to support a future of work - not just today, but through recovery and beyond.

There’s no obligation to use Breef. There’s no obligation to spend money. There’s no obligation to pay anything back. 

Next Steps 

Just as we have democratized the agency model, we aim to provide Breef to as many businesses as possible. We have structured the program to support entrepreneurs + diverse founders, in particular, navigate this time as they often have lean teams and resources. But, we encourage all forward thinkers to apply. This is a program aimed to support you no matter your background, revenue, region, size or industry. 

You can explore more details + next steps below: 



Looking forward to a new era of work, together. 

From our team to yours,

George & Emily