Breef Insights: A Survey Series on the Future of Work

Breef Insights: A Survey Series on the Future of Work

Last month, we asked our community of brands + agencies to share their take on ‘building teams in 2022.’ The results are in – proving the typical org chart is well... not so typical.

Here’s what brands + agencies had to say...

  • 55% have or think they will be impacted by the ‘Great Resignation’
  • 57% say that the pandemic didn’t impact the way they work
  • 65% of companies intend to stay remote in 2022
  • 68% believe the greatest challenge in hiring today is finding "great talent"
  • Only 27% will be hiring full-time employees in 2022

Key Themes

  • Dispersed teams are the reality
  • Great talent is hard to find
  • Most companies will stay remote

What does this mean?

There is no one-size solution for building your dream team in 2022.

The "Great Resignation" is a thing, but with or without it, good talent is hard to find. Due to the lack of quality talent and uncertainty around the times, employers are continuing to look for new ways to expand teams — without full-time status.

The Future of Work is now. While the pandemic has heightened remote work and efficiencies, it’s clear these practices have been tested pre-pandemic...
and will continue to remain industry practice.

You’ve proven there is no right, or wrong. Here’s to creating your own hiring playbook in 2022.