Breef Insights: 2022 Marketing Trends

Breef Insights: 2022 Marketing Trends

Recently, we asked our community what "marketing trends" they expect to see in 2022. Results show the Metaverse, personalized content and transparency will take center stage.

Here’s what brands + agencies had to say...

  • 70% believe consumers will want more brand transparency, empathy and personalized experiences.
  • 37% say the #1 trend for 2022 will be the Metaverse, followed by influencer marketing (31%).
  • 54% will be prioritizing short-form film/content projects.
  • 31% see new channels like TikTok and NFTs being most important.

Key Themes

  • Brand transparency + personalized experiences are in demand
  • Film content is king
  • New channels take center stage
  • Discovering new strategies is top of mind

What does this mean?

It stands true that consumers want to be heard and understood.

Delivering fresh content – high on transparency and personalization – are expected to usher in a year of exploring trends in the Metaverse, influencer marketing and strategy development.

It will be a year of experimentation as we deliver fresh, dynamic content to consumers in existing and emerging channels.

Here at Breef, we can't wait to help bring these trends to life in 2022, creating partnerships between innovators and creators - just like yourselves.