The New Normal For Business

The New Normal For Business

It’s crazy to think that in just a matter of days, we’ve all been served a new reality. A reality that has struck all both personally and professionally. A reality where we have no certain end in sight.

As it sets in, I have a deep hurt for not only the millions whose health has been compromised, but also life’s work and careers.

You can’t open your email, phone, or social media without witnessing the despair of brands discounting, laying off, or closing — either temporarily or permanently — due to the recent (and necessary) measures put in place.

We all have stories…

  • Once successful retailers not paying for thousands in product (because they had to shut their doors)
  • Scoring a deal from your favorite indie brand (knowing full well it will help pay their rent) 
  • The neighborhood café who laid-off their entire staff (as they’ll be closed for the foreseeable future) 
  • Friends with start-ups that never got their start (because the model isn’t fitting with the times) 
  • Your co-working space with now vacant floors (dissolving their once unicorn valuations)  

This is just the immediate. We haven’t even started facing the long-term ripple effect of Covid-19 on businesses: more layoffs, reduced budgets, unattended roadmaps...the list goes on. 

This is the new normal.

As a team, this is something Breef has prepared for - flexible work is the foundation of our ethos. 

We are here for you, because we are you. As former founders, digital directors, eCommerce experts, we’ve been in your seat. We’ve seen the shift. A shift in the way companies hire (i.e. freezing), budgets (i.e. cutting), and digital needs (i.e. increasing). 

In response, we built the first ecosystem where companies and teams can work together.

For brands, startups, and entrepreneurs, this means their digital + creative projects can be executed in a more affordable and flexible manner (vs. a large agency or full-time hire).

For small agencies, it means project and income opportunities from leading companies. 

We support the new normal.

For our Members, we will keep your business needs moving, helping you work with teams tailored to your budgets and timeline. For our Agencies, we will be your advocate, bringing you as many project opportunities as we can. 

As we navigate this new normal together, let’s make remote, work.

Image by @hunosoee