How To: Select an Agency

How To: Select an Agency

Let’s chat about the first goal of any project - selecting an agency.

The old school way – pre-Breef – meant weeks of searching, vetting, and calling agencies that could be a good fit, but most likely weren’t. With Breef, we’ve streamlined the process, with the result being pitches from vetted agencies that are tailored for you.

And while we deliver the ‘best of the best’ for your project, we often find our Members saying, “I love them all” or simply, “How do I choose?”

It’s tough, but we’ve put together a guide to help with the decision:

1. Review Pitches & Make a Shortlist

You can expect to receive an average of 4-6 Breef Pitches per project. Upon review, most clients find themselves shortlisting 2-3 pitches + portfolios. Your Client Lead will then help you arrange calls with these agencies to chat more.

2. Have an Exploratory Call

It’s on these calls that you really get to know the agency and their team, and get all your questions answered. Many clients use this time to ‘flesh out the details’ such as timing, budget, and expectations. Check out our list of questions if you don’t know where to start.

The main goal of an exploratory call is just to see if you and the agency vibe. It’s just between you + the team (your Breef Client Lead sits this one out).

3. Final Review + SOW

Clients often know when they’ve found ‘the one’ on their shortlist calls. Whether that’s the case or you’ve narrowed it down to two agencies, check budgets, notes, and any other materials that may have been shared before giving the project a go!  

The best part! When you’ve made your decision, let your Client Lead know what agency you’d like to move ahead with. We’ll share the good news with the team, connect them with you, and arrange next steps like the final SOW (scope of work), payments, and the project kickoff date.

We hope this guide helps. As always, if you have any questions, you can reach out to your Client Lead or send us a quick message via chat or