My Next Move: Building a New Workforce

My Next Move: Building a New Workforce

Today, marks the beginning of my next chapter as Co-Founder of Breef (

We are defining the future of work with the creation of an entirely new workforce — Boutique Teams.

Our focus is on reducing the inefficiencies within the 44% of all spend on workforce that goes towards outsourcing. We are the solution for anyone who has ever spent too much time, money, and resources on external work.

What Led Me Here —

I’ve been fortunate to spend my career at several successful start-ups — from the early days at POPSUGAR, to being the original ‘VSCO Girl’ - behind the social media at VSCO. I was on the agency side at KCD, guiding legacy fashion brands through the world of digital media. And most recently, led the global digital strategy at S'well — one of the fastest growing, female-owned businesses in the U.S.

Witnessing rapid growth at these companies, consistent themes emerged:

  • A need to be flexible with hiring - most frequently by increasing outsourcing (often due to changing roadmaps & funding).
  • Distrust in the traditional agency model - as the model wasn’t flexible enough to justify spend.
  • The rise of ‘Boutique Teams’ - small agencies started by corporate superstars seduced by the freedom of remote work and co-working.

At each company, we had large projects, lean internal resources, and no ‘place’ to go to execute. The result? Inefficiencies in spend, time, and outcomes. Also - less shit got done.

Enter Breef —

The way we work has changed. Breef uses technology to power a new workforce to deliver on high-value external projects.

Our vision is clear:

  1. The market has long threatened a new, transparent agency model. Breef is that model.
  2. Technology alone can not replace humans as a trusted reference point when it comes to delivering on high-value needs. Breef is that reference point.
  3. Companies want to work with a brand that can withstand evolving, internal priorities. Breef is that brand.

Our bet is this:

On demand access to flexible, small teams will accelerate growth, ensure results, and reduce overhead.

The Impact of Breef —

Our human-meets-tech approach assures all touch-points of outsourcing are handled — scopes, proposals, payments — and most importantly, the matchmaking of our Members with vetted, Boutique Teams.

The result? Outsource the outsourcing.

Our Path Forward —

Currently, companies use Breef to build digital ecosystems, create powerful content, grow their online presence, and execute on impactful marketing campaigns. Already, teams on Breef have created almost $20M in project proposals, across 15 countries.

But beyond work, I believe we will level the playing field in business through access to quality talent. Companies, no matter the size, can now work with the best teams. Talented teams now have exposure to the best companies.

This is just the start. I’m fortunate to be joined on this journey by my Co-Founder (and partner) George Raptis and the early Breef team (and yes, we used our own model to help build the company). As we head into 2020, we are grateful to be supported by an amazing group of investors and advisors who continue to help us validate what we truly believe - this is The New Way of Working.

I invite everyone to join us. | @breefwork