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We’re changing the way work gets done between modern brands + agencies. Our story below.


Why Breef?

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Our Values...

Humanity + Tech

We’ve been where you are. That’s why our expert team guides you and our tech delivers efficiencies so you experience better results, faster.


Our goal is to create relationships for better work. We’ve vetted 10K+ small agencies, globally. Receive pitches (vetted for you!) ASAP.

Trust + Transparency

No hidden agendas, just a desire to help you do better work with fresh processes, support and a community of leading brands + agencies.

We’ve Been In Your Shoes...

Let’s face it – the way of work has changed. So many of us are trying to do more with less these – smaller teams, shorter deadlines, limited budgets…remotely. How are you supposed to find + build impactful relationships when you’re mired in the minutiae?

Enter Breef. We have been in your shoes. Our team of marketing + agency experts knows what it takes to translate ideas into outcomes. Our technology simplifies everything from planning, pitching to payments. And we’ve built a community of thousands of brands and over 10,000 vetted agencies to make finding the right partner – in days – easier.

We realized early on in our careers that there had to be a better way to deliver results and connection. That’s why we’re ushering in The Next Generation of Work, one that builds on our own experience in marketing and outsourcing to increase productivity and profitability (+ positivity). The future of work is Breef. Join us.

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Changing the way brands access the best talent for their digital + creative needs.

‘Saved days of searching.’

— Optimizely

Creating a community for small teams who seek to work with leading brands - globally.

‘Easy to find projects that fit our interests and clients we love.’

— Tate Projects

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