About Us


Welcome, to the new way of working.

The Old Way

Costly Agency Fees
Unstructured Briefs
Endless Search for Teams
Proposals Out of Budget
No Tech to Execute
Flawed Payment System

The Breef Way

5K Pre-Vetted Teams
No Annual Retainers
Turnkey Project Platform
Tailored Pitches on Budget
Dedicated Project Curator
Payment Control + Funding
There's a name for it.


/’bō ’werking/

Verb: Leveraging a new workforce of boutique agencies to execute projects in a more efficient + affordable manner than one’s in-house team or large agency partners.

Noun: A direct response to the digital era, evolving priorities of high-growth brands, and the inefficiencies that often come from freelancers, full-time hires, and big agency partners.

Good Work Happens Everywhere.


Countries with Breef Members


Boutique Teams, Worldwide


Fields of Digital + Creative Expertise


Place to get it done


Changing the way brands access the best talent for their digital + creative needs.

What They’re Saying

‘Saved days of searching.’

— Optimizely

‘An invaluable extension of our business.’

— Bluestone Lane

‘Go-to for specific projects so we can move fast.’

— The Daily Edited

‘Defined our project goals and guided the direction of our search.’

— Daily Goods


Creating a community for small teams who seek to work with leading brands - globally.

What They’re Saying

‘Easy to find projects that fit our interests and clients we love.’

— Tate Projects

‘Seamlessly connected me with qualified customers.’

— Jump! Studios

‘The experience and process is most rewarding.’

— Digital Noir

‘We’re put in touch with good clients so that we focus on the work.’

— Lustre

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