A Survey on Generalization vs. Specialization

Delivering innovative, tangible solutions for the future of work is a *massive* goal of Breef. So, we asked our community how a specialized approach is playing out across the ever-evolving marketing industry and in their roles specifically. Our takeaway: specialization is the future — but generalists play a major role in getting us there.

Here's what the Breef community had to say:

  • 89% believe specialization will drive the future of work.
  • 52% of you self-identify as specialists, and look to grow your team with a mix of generalists + specialists.
  • 68% say the most important projects for specialized investment are creative design and digital marketing.

Key Themes:

  • Specialization is important today — and tomorrow.
  • Focused marketing is key.
  • Digital marketing needs high investment in specialized teams.

What does this mean?

In a world that is constantly evolving, it makes sense that digital marketing and design are driving demand for specialization. Investment in these areas will only grow as existing channels expand, new platforms launch and we dive deeper into new channels. Modern brands will continue to rely on a mix of specialists and generalists to get the job done, but to implement these focused initiatives, we'll need to work hand-in-hand to deliver favorable outcomes. So yes, specialization is here to stay and will have a leading role in our roadmaps, budgets and resourcing going forward.

A Survey on Generalization vs. Specialization