Daniel Mizrahi of Class A Media

Bolstering buzzy brands like Loops Beauty and DMY BY DMY, full-service agency Class A Media is making a name for itself in the eCommerce world. We spoke with Class A founder Daniel Mizrahi about his favorite projects, brand inspirations and why Breef.

Q: What or who inspired you to enter the agency space?

DM: The opportunity to give brands and people the ability to scale their dreams and ideas.

Q: Describe Class A's unique approach to growth — how do you help eComm brands flourish?

DM: Our approach is unique because we put a strong emphasis on brand. Marketing is not just running ads, rather it is the art of communicating a message in a way that amplifies an idea, product and vision.

Q: What does Class A look for in brands / prospective clients? Do you have any dream partnerships?

DM: We focus on Paid Social, Search, Email + SMS Marketing and Branding + Creative. Our dream partner is Kith!

Q: What's a project you're most proud of, and why?

DM: As a business owner who has scaled several brands over the course of the years, I’d always felt it was important that I too invested in our company processes. While I am proud of all of the work we do, I’m ecstatic to share that we have our own internal brand which is making amazing strides. Raweek.com is a silicone kitchenware brand that we own outright. We created this brand out of a need for new parents to access to affordable and quality products. The reason why we launched the business was to prove that we are invested in eCommerce. If one was to go to a basketball trainer, the first thing that they are going to look at is the trainer’s ability to play ball. Our client case studies are amazing, but we sought to build something even better.

Q: What do you wish you'd known when you first started Class A?

DM: When you believe you’re thinking outside the box, push even further.

Q: Why Breef?

DM: Breef gives us the ability to connect with brands that align with our target market without dealing with the guesswork. They make end-to-end management efficient and easy.

Q: Who's your brand crush (a brand whose marketing / social you love)?

DM: Kith, Humanrace and Oliver Peoples.

Q: Fav social platform?

DM: Instagram.

Q: The future of marketing is...

DM: Omni-channel marketing, as opposed to singular platform reliance.

Daniel Mizrahi of Class A Media