A Survey on Workplace Productivity

We surveyed our community of brands + agencies to learn more about workplace productivity and the tools that help them succeed in any work environment.

  • 72% feel most productive working from home or in a hybrid work environment.
  • 74% agree messaging + project management tools have most improved team workflow (Slack, Asana, Teams, Trello, etc.).
  • 72% say the pandemic has changed the way they collaborate — 50% outsource more than before!
  • 39% still need a tool for roadmapping (*hint* Breef can help!).

Key Themes:

  • Flexible work environments drive productivity.
  • The *right* tools are key.
  • Hybrid + WFH are here to stay.

What does this mean?

Remote work is productive work. Thanks to apps that help communicate and manage workflows, plus an uptick in outsourcing, we’re able to get work done from anywhere. But some places make us more productive than others. This includes work environments that emphasize work from home with occasional access to in-person interactions.

While watercooler chatter may be passé, Slack chat is in. In fact, we want more tools that help us plan for the future and build meaningful relationships at work — especially from afar.  

Flexibility over the last two years has helped us survive, and now it can help us thrive as we develop new processes, discover new technology and build new approaches to hybrid work.

A Survey on Workplace Productivity