How Breef’s Process is Different

Growing Your Business With Breef

Going through an RFP process to pitch for creative work is a tough ride for all involved. It’s unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming, and doesn’t account for vital elements like working relationships or cultural fit. We were totally over this –– and that’s why Breef was created.

Breef has revolutionized the entire pitch, contracts and payment process –– and both agencies + clients are loving it.

Forget planning, writing and submitting complex RFP responses in a tedious process that can often take months. Get ready to spend less time on admin, and more time doing what you love. In fact, pitching for projects on Breef will take you less than 15 minutes!

Welcome to Breef

Breef is a world-first closed marketplace where we pride ourselves in putting agencies in front of brands they wouldn't normally have access to. There are thousands of agencies on Breef but only a handful are put forward for each project, so you won't be competing against dozens of others every time you pitch.

The process is simple:

Step 1:  Invitation to Pitch

We'll bring you curated project opportunities matched to your skills + expertise. You’ll be notified via your Breef Dashboard and email when you are invited to pitch for a project.

We work closely with brands on their project scope before it’s posted, ensuring that budget, goals and deliverables are clear. Agencies LOVE this because it makes it super easy to understand exactly what the client is looking for.

Step 2:  Pitching –– the Breef Way

Pitching for each project will take you less than 15 minutes to complete. All that’s needed is an irresistible overview of your agency, some examples of your work and an outline of your vision for the project. Think of it as an expression of interest to spark the client’s own interest.

The platform will guide you through your pitch, including tips to best present your capabilities so brands can get a clear snapshot of who you are and what you can offer.

Step 3:  Shortlisting

Once pitches are submitted (usually within 7 days of posting) the client will review and shortlist the agencies they’d like to talk with. Most agencies have a 1 in 2 chance of getting in front of the client at this stage. On this call you’ll get a better understanding of their brand needs and whether you're a good fit for each other. This is where you can clarify details, budgets and start to build a connection.

Step 4:  The Start of Something Special

Breef is all about creating amazing partnerships. If successful you’ll start connecting immediately with your lovely new client! The Breef platform will seamlessly take care of all the admin around contracts and billing, allowing you to focus on building the relationship and doing great work together.

It’s really that easy with Breef. Our tools, platform and resources are designed to help you easily connect with new brands and win work on a regular basis. Breef has cut down the entire RFP + pitching process to DAYS instead of months and we’re proud to offer agencies like yours a better way to go about growing your business.

We can’t wait to work with you and see what amazing partnerships you'll develop with Breef!

How Breef’s Process is Different