The Benefits of a Small Agency

Why boutique agencies? Over the years, we noticed a shift in the way people work — thanks in large part to the evolving priorities of high-growth brands. Working within these organizations, we felt the need for more flexible + affordable options than what was available: full-time hires and big agencies.

There was no place to go for an alternative, no process to find partners for work that couldn’t be done ‘in house,’ so we created an entirely new workforce of boutique teams. We’ve brought together and vetted 15K+ small agencies so brands can access flexible talent, on demand, for all their digital + creative needs.

Working with boutique agencies comes with many benefits — especially in the time of remote work. Here are a few of the advantages that small agencies have over the alternatives.

Specialists in Their Field

Boutique agencies are true specialists in their respective fields — often former marketing directors or creative leads in-house who left to start their own thing with a partner or two. Boutique agencies don’t span many verticals; they focus on a few things (i.e. branding or paid social) and do them very well. They know their industry like the back of their hand.

Ideal for Project Work

We consider projects ‘one-time’ initiatives that move the needle. Boutique agencies are perfect for this type of work; they help fill the gaps in an affordable and collaborative way. We've been there — project-based work often needs an agency partner ASAP. To get you where you need to be, we deliver pitches from vetted teams within days (As opposed to the typical 3-4 month search!).

Optimal for Remote Work

Remote work is the new reality and the foundation of Breef's ethos. It celebrates a freedom that a physical office once confined. There are no boundaries — the best talent is now accessible and affordable, no matter their location. Colleagues no longer need to sit together to ‘get it done,' and we believe that this new way of working is best accessed through the Breef process.

The Benefits of a Small Agency