Projects Completed:


Digital Marketing 

Content Creation


The Brief:

Upon initial launch, Hydrant knew a rebrand was needed before new products hit the market. They looked to Breef to find the perfect creative agency, who could get the job done quickly, and within budget.

The Result:

Hydrant now serves a global clientele with a strong brand presence across all platforms. They continue to leverage Breef for external projects to execute fast with the right teams.

1 Custom Brief

(Created by an industry expert)

5 Tailored Pitches 

(In budget, location + timeline)

2 Shortlist Calls

(To finalize scope + pricing)

1 Great Agency

(Who brought the project to life)


We wanted a high quality, local, creative partner to help reinvent our brand - Breef helped with just that.'

John Sherwin, Co-Founder
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