Projects Completed:

Web Design + Development


The Brief:

Looking to launch a new wellness movement – during COVID-19 – Julianne Hough’s KINRGY turned to Breef for a website design + development agency who could create a robust fitness platform that would connect a global audience.

The Result:

An innovative, intuitive online ecosystem that offers live + on-demand fitness classes, in addition to eCommerce and content.

1 Custom Brief

(Created by an industry expert)

5 Tailored Pitches 

(In budget, location + timeline)

2 Shortlist Calls

(To finalize scope + pricing)

1 Great Agency

(Who brought the project to life)


‘Breef was the perfect solution as we set out to build the KINRGY platform. They continue to be an extension of our team, and help us scale – faster.’

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