Projects Completed:

Video Production

Digital Marketing


The Brief:

Optimizely needed a video production agency for its digital marketing and product event. With more than 500 attendees and a much wider audience online, they required high-end deliverables and a quick turnaround — enter Breef.

The Result:

The production of ten videos with short turnaround, showcasing their event to new and existing customers. With Breef’s help, Optimizely boosted their exposure and established a platform for future success.

1 Custom Brief

(Created by an industry expert)

6 Tailored Pitches 

(In budget, location + timeline)

2 Shortlist Calls

(To finalize scope + pricing)

1 Great Agency

(Who brought the project to life)


'While our focus was on bringing our event to life, Breef helped us reach a wider audience with an expert production team.'

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