George Raptis


George Raptis

Co-Founder, Breef

George is an established founder who is leading The Next General of Work as the Co-Founder of Breef – the world’s first agency marketplace.

With a history of taking offline processes online, George is creating a new way to work – one that’s empowering brand + agency partnerships — ultimately, changing the marketing industry at large. In less than three years, George has overseen operations and corporate responsibility to grow Breef into the largest agency brand, globally, with a community of more than 10,000 boutique agencies in 23 countries.

Before Breef, George was a founding team member of fintech pioneer Credible, where he led operations and partnerships. He took the company to IPO in 2017 and was an instrumental force in its 2019 acquisition by FOX. George started his career as a lawyer at law firm Herbert Smith Freehills, representing global venture capital firms, and holds a patent for the technology he created at Credible.

Born and raised in Australia, George attended Bond University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in law. Passionate about remote work and mountain living, George co-founded The Aspen Office, a co-working space that enables people to make and create with flexibility in Aspen, Colorado. George has a pay-it-forward mentality, and has served as Chair of the Australian Founders Network in New York.

“My role is not to look at how marketing was done yesterday, but how it will be done tomorrow – and deliver on it.”


  • Connection
  • Tenacity
  • Mentorship
  • ‘The Long Game’


Reconstructing old processes for long-term growth.


  • Taking Credible to IPO
  • Patent Holder
  • Valedictorian (twice)


AFN aussie founders network

Fun Facts:

  • Competitive Ski Racer
  • Ultimate F1 Enthusiast
  • Grew up in Family Biz
  • Married to My Co-Founder, Emily
Avid Skier

Avid Skier

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F1 Fan!

George + his Co-Founder, Em

George + his Co-Founder, Em

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I love providing innovative solutions, for innovative brands

85% Female
Founded in NYC
Fully Remote
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Breef is the easiest way to find an agency.

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Coworking for the times, The Aspen Office is Emily and George’s answer to remote work and mountain living. With an offering of private offices, desks and meeting rooms, each workspace provides privacy and flexibility, while encouraging community within the heart of Aspen, CO. This is just another way these entrepreneurs are transforming the way of work.