A Survey on 2023 Marketing Trends

2023 is here (!!).

We surveyed top brands and marketers on predictions for trends, channels and allocations in 2023.

  • Over 60% think community marketing + niche social channels will dominate marketing.
  • 70% anticipate integrating authentic channels (ie. BeReal) into their social strategy.
  • 40% will be allocating more resources to community building + brand activations.
  • The #1 brand characteristic consumers want more of in 2023 is brand transparency, followed by personalization.
  • 60% expect geopolitical + economic shifts to impact their course of action.

Key Themes:

  • Community is crucial.
  • Authentic social content + channels are in demand.
  • Brand transparency continues to be top of mind.
  • Geopolitical + economic shifts require brands to remain nimble.

What does this mean?

In the year ahead, we’ll see authentic brand experiences designed to promote genuine relationships with consumers.

Strategy involving activations and new channels to grow and maintain community connection in 2023 is crucial.

Increasingly complex market shifts and world events will make flexible, adaptable strategy a necessity — outsourcing will be key.

Focused planning in the next few months is critical: 54.3% of brands need resources for roadmapping + scoping, and Breef can help! Now is the time to schedule a (free) planning call and outline your outsourcing needs with a Breef marketing strategist.

A Survey on 2023 Marketing Trends