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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Fees Involved?

There are two types of fees payable to Breef on a Project:

Clients: $299 Project Posting Fee

This fee is to post your project + receive tailored pitches from hand-selected agencies. This fee helps to cover the cost of project management, scope assistance, and agency curation provided for each client. This fee is refundable within 15 days of posting if you are not satisfied with your agency selection and respective pitches.

The client is also responsible for the agreed project cost if an Agency Partner is selected.

Agency: 15% Agency Talent Fee on the final project price.

This means the Agency Talent receives 85% of the final Project price, and 15% is payable to Breef and helps us to continue to bring you the best projects from world-leading brands.

How Do I Get Started on Breef?

For Clients, joining Breef is free. You can get started here.

To join as 'Agency Talent,' you can get started here. All agencies accepted into the Breef Community exemplify the highest of standards in work, clientele, and criteria. Applications from freelancers, large agencies, and contractors will also be reviewed and held to the same qualification standards.

What Types of Projects Can I Do With Breef?

As a general rule of thumb, turn to Breef for anything that can't be done ‘in house.’

For many clients, this means digital + creative projects. This work often requires specialists for one-off needs, strategies, or campaigns. And yes, from experience, budgets that need to be stretched further are often allocated here, meaning full-time hires or big agencies aren’t an option.

We’ve created the largest global network of Boutique Agencies because we believe they’re best equipped for work like content creation, paid media, and branding. We’ve vetted and onboarded over 10,000 small agencies around the world for this exact reason.

Here is a full list of our service offerings.

What Types of Clients & Brands Use Breef?

Breef works with clients who are seeking to collaborate with leading small agencies for their various project needs. Our clients are looking to work with the best - no matter their location. Clients see value in the Breef Process because it’s more efficient and affordable than a full-time hire or a traditional ‘big’ agency. Our clients are global innovators, from large corporations to startups, in a range of industries, globally.

Our process provides clients with the ability to set budget ranges and negotiate service offerings with Agency Talent, giving clients a range of flexible options for outsourced projects.

What Does Breef Do?

Breef is an outsourcing platform that connects brands with leading small agencies, globally. Our process ensures all aspects of a project - from start to finish - are considered. This includes everything from project planning, scope creation, pitches, payments and more.

Most people don’t know where to start when it comes to finding and working with an agency. Breef is the solution.

How Is Breef Different?

Breef is a modern outsourcing solution that solves for the specific needs of brands and their projects.

We are not your typical ‘freelance’ marketplace, serving you thousands of options for you to sort through and vet. We dig deeper to find truly talented agencies who can provide you with tailored pitches that meet your project needs and specific goals. Only the best agencies are extended an invitation to bid on your project.

Breef represents the highest standards of collaboration and innovation. We are a new way of working in the post-pandemic era.

Clients turn to Breef for projects that they can’t do ‘in house.’ These are projects that move the needle within their organization (a new website, paid advertising, etc). We’re not focused on a one-off logo design. Because of this, we’ve created a human-tech solution that ensures unparalleled results, from innovative agencies, globally.

How Do Agencies Use Breef?

As an agency on Breef, you can receive access to hand-picked project opportunities from leading brands. As a closed marketplace, we offer a truly tailored approach to outsourcing. We only invite a handful of teams to submit a pitch for each project.

Through our platform, our application process considers everything the client would want to know about you and your work. All applications are reviewed by the Breef team. All project contracts and payments are also seamlessly managed through Breef.

There are over 10,000 vetted agencies on Breef. You can learn more and apply to Breef here. We’d love to work with you!

How Do Brands Use Breef?

Brands use Breef to easily find the best agencies to outsource their digital and creative projects.

Breef is free to join.

After creating your Breef account, you can plan + scope your project – with help from a Marketing Strategist (industry experts in digital & creative projects) if needed.

Once you’re ready to post your project, there’s a $299 USD posting fee. This gives access to tailored pitches from hand-picked agencies within four days (compared to several weeks when / of finding an agency yourself).

When you receive your agency pitches, compare and shortlist the agencies you’d like to speak with further. Following introductory calls and agreement of the final SOW (Scope of Work), select your Agency Partner.

Once your project has commenced, you also manage all contracts and payments through Breef, making it easy to manage your work together.

What is Breef?

Breef is the modern, end-to-end outsourcing platform. We bring together the world’s best small agencies and workforce technology - in one place.

Through a human-tech approach, we make outsourcing projects easy. Through the Breef Platform and the support of industry experts (Marketing Strategist), you can seamlessly manage project scope, agency pitches, contracts and payments.

For brands, Breef allows access to vetted agencies, tailored for your project.

For small agencies, being on Breef means access to high-value project opportunities from leading brands.