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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Breef?

Breef is the world's first agency marketplace and payments platform. As the modern outsourcing solution, our platform connects influential brands with leading agencies for all digital and creative needs. Through the Breef Platform, we manage everything from project planning and pitches to contracts and payments.

What does Breef do?

Breef is the first platform to connect brands and agencies — while managing everything along the way like project planning, pitches, and payments.

Through our proprietary technology and AI algorithms, we facilitate vetted partnerships that span industries, budgets, and locations. In addition to our end-to-end platform, we have also completely transformed agency payments through our payments innovation and Fintech offering, Breef(Pay).

What are the benefits of Breef?

Breef is changing agency outsourcing for the better. As an end-to-end platform, we’ve taken the agency search from months to days while managing everything in between (planning, scoping, contracts and payments).

A few benefits of Breef include:

  • Project Planning, Scoping, and Roadmapping Tools
  • Expert Project Support
  • Vetted Agency Partners
  • Seamless Contracts and Payments
  • Project Financing
  • Marketing Resources

Who is Breef for?

Breef is for brands, founders and global innovators looking to access vetted agency partners to support growth efforts and drive results.

Breef is also for agencies within the web, marketing, digital, and creative space who are looking to access high-value project opportunities from leading brands — while also facilitating seamless contracts and secure payments.

What types of projects can I do on Breef?

A project refers to any marketing, digital, or creative need. From retainer-based work to one-off initiatives, Breef’s community of agencies can help with a wide range of services, including:

  1. Performance Marketing (e.g. paid social + advertising, affiliate marketing, referral audio advertising, OOH, referral programs, lead generation, etc.)
  2. Social Media + Content (e.g. organic social + strategy, community management, content creation, TikTok strategy, etc.)
  3. Creative + Brand (e.g. art direction, campaign production, branding + strategy, graphic design, copywriting, photography, etc.)
  4. PR + Campaigns (e.g. media relations, digital + print PR, strategic partnerships, event planning, influencer marketing, OOH, campaign activations, etc.)
  5. Web + Development (e.g. web design, SEO, eComm strategy, data analytics, UI / UX, product strategy, web dev research + insights, etc.)

We have a community of 25K+ agencies (and growing) that specialize in over 50 project types. Through Breef, you will gain access to highly skilled talent that best meets your project needs.

Where can I find case studies on Breef projects?

Brands on Breef can find agency partners for over 50+ project types within marketing + creative verticals. For a better understanding of the types of brands and projects on Breef, view our case studies here.

How much does Breef cost?

Breef is free to join!

For brands — to receive tailored pitches from vetted agencies, there is a $99 first-time project posting fee. This fee covers scope assistance, agency curation, vetted agency pitches and project management (pitch calls, contracts, payments + more).

For agencies — submitting pitches to brands on Breef is free. Agencies that are successful in winning a client project on Breef pay a referral fee based on project spend.

All project payments to agencies are made through the Breef platform.

Is Breef available globally?

Yes, we have brands and agencies in over 25 countries. You can post projects from anywhere in the world (subject to local law). The Breef platform is governed by the laws of the United States of America. If you are paying outside of the U.S., let the Breef Team know.

Brands and agencies can contract in whatever jurisdiction they choose; however, you must adhere to Breef’s specific policies around circumventing our service and include our Project Exhibit (including standard terms) in your agreement.

What should I expect when starting a project on Breef?

Once you get started on Breef (free!) you’ll receive access to the Breef Platform, where you can start a project and manage existing projects — including all contracts and payments. In addition, you’ll be able to connect with the Breef Team and access Breef’s marketing and industry resources.

Can I use Breef as both a brand and an agency?

Yes. In order to do so, create each account type using different email addresses. If necessary, reach out to the Breef team for help at

What marketing resources does Breef offer?

We’re passionate about providing our community of marketers and agencies with both a platform and resources to empower better work.

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