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Frequently Asked Questions


Site Confidentiality

All information contained on the Breef website and provided to you throughout the service by clients and/or agencies should be treated confidentially. Breef uses various security methods outlined in our Privacy Policy to protect user information.

It is common for parties to sign confidentiality agreements prior to sensitive information being disclosed. We also allow Projects to be marked as "confidential," which means that we will not disclose the identity of that client until they seek to communicate with shortlisted Agency Talent.

Financial Information

Any financial information provided by you to Breef is stored securely at all times. Do not share any financial information outside of the Breef Platform. That’s one reason why we also require that all payments go through Breef.

Delivery of Work + Liability

Breef encourages clients and agency talent to ensure that they use the following when establishing a relationship:

  • Clear deliverables and project timeline
  • Milestones for payment and an agreed statement of work
  • Communication about work progress and client expectations

Our Project Exhibit also outlines standard terms for you to incorporate within your agreements so that you can continue to maintain the high standard of work expected within the Breef community.

Deactivating Your Account

To deactivate your Breef account, please contact us at

Please note that all relevant Breef policies will continue to apply to you and your company even if you are no longer a user, for a period of twenty four (24) months from the date that you delete your account. This means that, under our Terms of Use , you are not permitted to contract with clients and/or agencies that were introduced to you through Breef during those twelve months without paying the required fees to Breef.

In the event that you contract with a Breef Client or Agency during the twelve-month period after your account is deactivated, or after you have been suspended or terminated from the Breef Platform, you will be subject to Breef’s Terms of Use , payment procedures and other relevant policies. For more details, please view Breef’s Terms of Use.


In the event of dispute, Breef is here to help both clients and agencies work through any project issues.

Please reach out to your Breef contact or email us at

While all disputes are ultimately to be resolved between the parties, we can help facilitate a line of communication when things don’t go as planned.

Engaging Outside of Breef

Breef's Terms of Use strictly prohibit engaging or contracting between a client, agency or affiliated party in a manner that circumvents the Breef service. Please let us know at if a party requests that you work outside of the operation of the Breef service.

If it is found that a client or agency talent is violating the intention of this service rule, Breef shall suspend those parties from the Breef Platform, and we reserve our rights to pursue further action against the offending parties. For more information, please see our Terms of Use.

Your Relationship With Breef

All Agencies and client participants are independent contractors of Breef. Anyone using the service does so in their own capacity at all times (and in the capacity of the companies that they represent). Under no circumstances are those parties to be considered an employee, agent, partner, legal representative or joint venture, or otherwise of Breef at any time.

As outlined in our Terms of Use. , Breef is not responsible for work undertaken as a result of Introductions made through the service. Clients and agencies are responsible for agreeing to scope of work and agreement of terms and deliverables.

What Is Breef’s Privacy Policy?

Breef takes privacy seriously. We have developed a detailed Privacy Policy , which outlines how we collect and use your information. You can review that Privacy Policy here.

Standard Terms

When you partner with a client or agency through Breef, it is a requirement of our service that you add our Breef Project Exhibit to your agreement. The project exhibit contains a summary of key terms for your project (including parties, payments and fees), as well as terms and standards that you agree to meet in order to keep the Breef service operating to a high standard.

Relevant Laws

The Breef Platform is governed by the laws of the United States of America, in particular the State of New York. All agreements between clients and agencies are subject to their applicable law clauses. Users of Breef are reminded that under our Terms of Use. , they are not permitted to contract to exclude operation of the service or in a way which circumvents the operation of the service in relation to Projects, Pitches/Proposals, Payments and any other relevant service features.

Working with Agencies

Breef is supportive of measures within the community to provide minimum standards to flexible working arrangements. Should you have any questions in relation to our position, please reach out at