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Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Able to Share a Few Examples of Past Clients & Projects?

Absolutely. See a few of our case studies here.

What Happens If a Project Is Extended?

If your scope of work or project is extended, or a client engages your Agency for additional work within 12 months of the commencement of the initial project, you will need to let us know in accordance with our Terms of Use. All payments must be processed through the Breef Platform for the first 12 months.

Please email your Curator with any new project and payment information at

How Do I Provide Feedback About My Experience?

Our Client and Agency Leads will follow up with both the client and the agency upon completion of a project. We incorporate all feedback into improving our service and are always receptive to new ways to improve Breef.

When Does an Agency Receive Payment?

All payments are made through Breef. It is up to clients and agencies to negotiate when a payment is to occur. Through our payment system, parties can nominate when to release a payment. Release of payment must be approved by the client.

How Do I Manage Project Deliverables?

We encourage clients and agencies to establish a timeline and process for delivery of various project deliverables. As the Agency, you are expected to meet the agreed deadlines and deliverable requirements in order to meet the high standard that Breef Clients expect. Keep in mind there may be project confidentiality requirements.

As a reminder, all payments are managed through Breef, so you can structure your payments to be made before, after or upon completion of deliverables.

How Do Clients + Agencies Communicate When a Project Starts?

Our main goal is to connect Agencies with project opportunities from leading and emerging brands. Once there is an agreement between the agency and the client to commence work, the relationship is between the two of you. Of course, the Breef Team is always here to check in, answer any questions + help with the payment process.

Most communications with the client are encouraged over email, phone and video calls – whatever the team is most comfortable with. We find the most successful relationships happen when there are clear parameters around meetings, communication, and providing project progress updates.

Please note it is against the Breef Terms of Use and our service policies to circumvent the Breef process and approach a client directly about a project without contracting through Breef.

How Do Clients + Agencies Communicate During the Pitch Process?

If a Client would like to learn more about your Agency (i.e. you are shortlisted), a Breef team member will connect you for an introductory call and the final negotiation process. We encourage working through the Breef team to finalize terms and ensure that both parties are satisfied with the scope of work and team selection.

Please note, it is against the Breef Terms of Use and our service policies to circumvent Breef’s process and approach a client directly about a project without coordinating through Breef.

What Are the Next Steps After I’ve Submitted a Pitch?

We only deliver a handful of pitches for each project. A client will often take a week or so to review the pitches internally. If they are interested in learning more, we will arrange an introductory call where you can explore more about the project, budget, timing and their needs.

How Will I Know When I Receive a New Project?

You will be notified via email and your Breef Dashboard whenever you have been invited to a project.

If you are interested in submitting a pitch, the project will be shared to your Breef Dashboard for your review. Within the project overview, you will find all the necessary materials including the submission deadline, budget, and deliverables.

Please note, we only share each project opportunity with a handful of teams. This is a key part of the Breef Process to ensure both agencies and clients have the best chance of success.

Can I Join Breef If I Work for Another Company or Consult Part-Time?

Breef is focused on including agencies in the form of existing companies. This means you should have no existing conflicts that would prevent you from joining Breef. If you are an individual contractor or smaller company, please ensure that you have no existing employment or contractual restrictions that would prevent you from joining Breef and servicing our clients with the commitment they may require.

If you knowingly (or unwittingly) violate a pre-existing contract or agreement by participating on Breef, Breef is not responsible for any liability or damages that may be incurred.

How Do Project Budgets Work?

When a client on Breef posts a project, they provide a budget range for each deliverable. We encourage you to provide a reasonable estimate within this range. If you feel you need to go above or below the range provided, you may do so when submitting a pitch.

We encourage clients and agencies to negotiate throughout the introductory phase and agree on terms that all parties are comfortable with.

What Types of Projects Are Shared With Agencies on Breef?

Breef specializes in helping clients with their digital + creative needs. From retainer-based work to one-off needs, our agencies are specialists in a wide range of services. They include:

  1. Digital + Marketing: (e.g., digital strategy, paid media, influencer marketing, organic + paid social media , paid search + SEO, Amazon marketing...)
  2. Creative + Development: (e.g., art direction, branding + strategy, styling, content creation + production, illustration…)
  3. Web + Development: (e.g., mobile design / dev (apps), Amazon strategy, Cybersecurity, data analytics, UI/UX design…)

Once a client posts a project, our Agency Leads will share the project with you if they think it’s a fit for your Agency and skill set.

What Does It Cost for My Agency to Join Breef?

Being a part of the Breef Community comes at no charge to you. It is free to join Breef as an Agency.

If you are selected by a client to move forward with a project, we take a 15% referral fee off the full price of that project for the first 12 months. This fee is considered and calculated when an Agency submits a pitch on the platform.

How Do I Join Breef As an Agency?

Being a part of Breef means joining the largest collection of boutique agencies, globally.

We are always looking to onboard new agencies, contractors, and consultants. You can share more about your team and services here.

We review every application internally to uphold the standards and exceptional work that is produced by our Agency Partners.