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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Work With Multiple Agencies?

Yes. We encourage use of the Breef Platform to assemble the best team/s for your various needs. For longer-term arrangements, we can help you structure payments between your business and Agency.

Can Our Company Work Long Term With an Agency?

Yes, in fact many of our clients do!

Please provide your Client Lead with details of your long-term arrangement. All work initiated within the first year of your relationship will be subject to Breef's relevant policies and procedures.

Should you wish to hire your Agency Partner or contractor in a full-time role within your company, please be aware of our policy relating to hires, which requires that hiring clients pay Breef 20% of an individual's first-year salary, inclusive of bonuses and incentives. Please also be aware that your Agency Partner may have clauses in their contracts prohibiting hiring.

What If My Project Is Extended Outside of Scope?

If your Scope of Work or Project is extended, or you choose to engage your Agency Partner for additional work within 12 months of the commencement of your initial Project, please let your Client Lead know.

Scope can be easily expanded on the Breef platform.

A reminder, all payments are to be facilitated through Breef for the first year of a client / agency engagement.

Can I Use Breef as Both a Client and a Team?

Yes. In order to do so, create each account using a different email address.

Will My Agency Have Insurance?

As a part of Breef’s application process, Boutique Agencies are required to prove a history of client success before being accepted as a part of the service. Agencies on Breef have a track record of managing projects professionally and delivering exceptional results for clients.

We also understand that sometimes Projects do not go as planned. Breef encourages all parties to maintain various insurances, including general liability and professional liability insurance. As Breef is not a party to a Project contract, all liability issues are matters between clients and agencies.

Breef is not responsible for work completion, nor any matters relating to a project. We encourage parties to maintain a constant dialogue and ensure that project scope and requirements are clear. Should you have questions during the project process, please contact your Client Lead.

Is There a Minimum Project Budget?

Turn to Breef for your most important projects - those that really move the needle within your organization. Breef’s minimum project budget is US $2,500. For specialized Projects with unique budget requirements, please reach out to

When you are scoping your project, you set the budget range you’d like to stay in.

Project estimates will vary based on a number of factors including delivery date and location of your Boutique Agency. It is the client's responsibility to finalize the budget with their Agency Partner prior to signing an agreement and making the first payment.

Please note, Breef does not negotiate budgets - we encourage clients and their Agency Partners to negotiate on a suitable outcome for all parties.

Are Project Timelines Flexible?

Project timelines are managed between you as the client and your agency partner. We recommend keeping an open line of communication to ensure that all Projects are completed on time.

How Do Ongoing Project Payments Work?

After an initial deposit payment is made, we recommend funding each stage or phase of a project through milestones. While payments are ultimately up to you as the client and your agency partner to structure, remember that all payments are facilitated through Breef, including fees payable to Breef.

How Do Project Payments Work?

All payments for projects / introductions made through Breef must occur through Breef. What defines an ‘Introduction’ can be found in our Terms of Use here.

Once your project is ready to commence, we will provide you with Payment documents and invoice you according to the agreed-upon payment schedule. Breef then pays your Agency Partner once the funds have arrived.

If you have any questions about our payment process, please email

What Happens After I Select an Agency?

Once you have selected an Agency to work with, you are required to let Breef know who you have selected and also provide us with a signed copy of key terms and any relevant contracts agreed between the parties. Once this is complete, you are also required to complete a Project Exhibit (which includes standard terms).

Your Client Lead will be available throughout the duration of your project to continue to assist with the relationship and also provide payment assistance.

Breef does not manage projects once parties have contracted, so it is important that clients and agencies establish a healthy working environment and procedures around communication. This helps to ensure the project runs smoothly and is on time and on budget.

How Do I Select an Agency?

While we encourage clients to share feedback with their Client Lead following the shortlisting calls, it is ultimately up to you to determine which agency you would like to work with, based on your project and company needs.

What Happens After I Receive Agency Pitches?

Take the time to review, compare, and contrast each agency and their offering. Many clients review their pitches internally with their team and key stakeholders.

You can also schedule a call to review the pitches together with your Client Lead.

Once you have reviewed each pitch in detail, we suggest selecting 2-3 teams you’d like to shortlist and speak to for an introductory call. This call is a chance to get to know the team and discuss the details of the project + budget.

From there, you will finalize the SOW and select the Agency Partner to begin work with.

How Will I Know When My Pitches Are Ready?

When all pitches for a project are submitted, clients are notified in their Project Dashboard, by email, and by their Client Lead. Pitches can easily be accessed and downloaded to share and review with your internal team.

How Do Agencies Pitch For Projects?

Agencies create and submit their detailed pitch using the Breef Platform. Breef’s proprietary process assures all details needed to find an Agency Partner are included (agency information, pitch, etc).

When all pitches for a project are submitted, clients are notified in their Project Dashboard and by their Client Lead. Pitches can easily be accessed and downloaded to share with your internal team.

Where Will My Agency Be Located?

The Breef Community is made of Boutique Agencies from around the world. If location is important, clients may specify a particular location for their team when outlining a project on the platform.

Is Breef Available Globally?

Yes, we have clients and agencies in over 20 countries.

You can post projects from anywhere in the world (subject to local law). The Breef Platform is governed by the laws of the United States of America. If you are paying outside of the United States, let your Client Lead know to coordinate payment.

Clients and teams are allowed to contract in whatever jurisdiction they choose; however, please remember that Breef has specific policies around circumventing our service, and you must obey all Breef policies at all times, as well as include our Project Exhibit (including standard terms) in your agreement.

How Long Does It Take to Receive Agency Pitches?

Once your project is posted, it is shared with agencies that meet your requirements and who are hand-picked for your project. You can expect to receive pitches (in your budget range + timeline) within one week.

Should you need to get started sooner, please contact us at, and we will work with you to expedite the timeline.

How Much Does Breef Cost?

For clients, joining Breef is free. You can get started here.

Upon signup, you can plan + scope projects, and work with a Breef Client Lead - a project expert who can help you budget and outline your various project deliverables - at no charge.

To receive tailored pitches from handpicked and vetted agencies, there is a $299 Project Posting Fee. This fee helps to cover the cost of project planning + scoping and pitch curation that the Breef Team and technology provide for each client. This fee is refundable within 15 days of posting if you are not satisfied with your agency options.

The client is also responsible for the agreed project cost if an Agency Partner is selected.

How Do I Start a Project?

Once you get started on Breef - free - you will receive access to Breef’s Project Platform, where you can start a project, manage existing projects, connect with your Client Lead, and review pitches from vetted agencies of Breef.

All projects begin with a scope. Our project tools allow you to outline your project goals, needs, and budget to help agencies best submit a pitch for your project.

Your Breef Client Lead is also here to assist in every step of the process.

What Types of Projects Can I Do with Breef?

Breef specializes in digital + creative projects. From retainer-based work to one-off needs, our agencies can help with a wide range of projects.

Our agencies are grouped into the following categories:

  1. Digital + Marketing: (e.g., digital strategy, paid media, influencer marketing, organic + paid social media paid search + SEO, Amazon marketing…)
  2. Creative + Development: (e.g., art direction, branding + strategy, styling, content creation + production, illustration…)
  3. Web + Development: (e.g., mobile design / dev (apps), Amazon strategy, cybersecurity, data analytics, UI/UX design…)

Once you post a project, our team will ensure that you receive pitches from agencies that best meet your project needs.