Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Breef(Pay)?

Breef(Pay) is a better way to pay for agencies, stretch your marketing budget further + pay on flexible terms. With Breef(Pay) — powered by Tranch — qualifying businesses can extend payment terms from 2 - 12 months. Get pre-qualified in minutes — for up to $500,000.

How does Breef(Pay) work?

We’ve partnered with Tranch to power Breef(Pay). To get started, sign up here, and in less than 2 minutes provide your company details + connect your bank accounts.

You will then be pre-qualified for a credit limit of up to $500,000 for your agency spend.

Subject to approval, you can select from 2 - 12 months on your individual projects at checkout up to your credit limit.

How long does the process take?

Sign up to Breef(Pay) here with no commitments in < 2 minutes. You will be pre-qualified in less than 24 hours.

What are the legal terms?

Breef(Pay) is a referral product created by Breef Inc. Breef is not a lender, and does not offer lines of credit. Breef(Pay) is powered by Tranch, Inc. who manages the financial products associated with Breef(Pay) via their platform — Tranch. Use of Breef(Pay) and / or Tranch does not guarantee qualification nor a line of credit.