Emerging Founders + Creatives

We interviewed emerging founders + creatives who are making waves in the industry and showing us all that Gen-Z is capable of. Read more about Vicky, Kolby, Shelby, Ashwath and Abbey’s industry philosophies and why they love using Breef to make great work happen.

Vicky, Kolby + Shelby, Co-Founders, Fresh Take Studios:

Vicky, Kolby + Shelby met as an agency photography team who then decided to combine their passions and create Fresh Take Studios — a commercial photography studio that provides brands with innovative photo concepting, styling and set design.

Q: Who inspired you to enter the marketing field?

V, K + S: We are inspired by each other every day and are creatives at heart! We each come from different backgrounds — it's beautiful how well we complement one another.

Q: Fresh Take Studios is a photography powerhouse! Describe your approach to creative direction.

V, K + S: Our approach is rooted in communication. It’s important to make sure our clients feel confident and knowledgeable about the production process. We start our projects with a discovery call to learn about the brand’s story, mission and values. From there, we aim to elevate our client's imagery through colors, textures and visual storytelling.

Q: The future of marketing is...

V, K + S: Immersive + diverse. Diverse teams bring more expertise to each project and are able to create for larger audiences. Immersive imagery is important, not only do you catch and hold the attention of your audience, you assure them that quality is a true priority.

Q: What are three tips for emerging founders + creatives?

V, K + S: First, there is no such thing as a dumb question. Ask confidently! Second, stand your ground, politely. Third, each day has ups and downs so learn to ride the wave.

Q: A project you're most proud of is...

V, K + S: We are proud of every project we produce, and the relationships that are created during the production process — our Fresh Take Fam is truly the best! Our most recent project crush would be the creative direction, studio and lifestyle photography we did for BAWI Agua Frescas.

Q: Why Breef?

V, K + S: We are able to get projects hand-selected and sent to us. Breef provides valuable industry connections that are able to grow during the shortlisting process and beyond!

Ashwath Narayanan, Founder + CEO, Social Currant:

What’s it like being an undergrad student + CEO? Ashwath Narayanan knows! Ashwath founded Social Currant while attending George Washington University, bringing a Gen-Z perspective on social and influencer marketing to mission-oriented clients.

Q: What (or who!) inspired you to enter marketing + start Social Currant?

AN: The Social Currant team has been in the agency space for quite some time. However, we entered as our own agency after seeing the need for young people to have voices at the table.

Q: Social Currant is a social media powerhouse! Describe your approach to social strategy.

AN: Our approach to social strategy is to invest in people rather than platforms. That's why we focus on organic growth and influencer marketing.

Q: The future of marketing is...

AN: Short-form, people-centric campaigns.

Q: What are three tips for emerging founders + creatives?

AN: Work with clients that bring you joy, set boundaries and find people that encourage you to be creative.

Q: A project you're most proud of is...

AN: Working with Community Change around awareness for the Child Tax Credit.

Q: Why Breef?

AN: We love the clients you bring us for project opportunities!

Abbey Hudetz, Founder + Creative Director, Oyster Creative:

Abbey founded Oyster Creative with hopes of helping brands make waves online among younger target demographics. Today, Oyster Creative is a social media + branding powerhouse, pushing boundaries and enabling brands to meet their full potential.

Q: What inspired you to enter the marketing field?

AH: I’ve always loved telling stories, so marketing was a natural fit. I was an ‘early adopter’ of social media, when it was not quite yet a legitimized marketing channel. I’m attracted to SMM because of how it bypasses physical barriers to enable connections + global idea-sharing.

Q: Oyster Creative is a branding powerhouse! Describe your approach to brand strategy:

AH: We help brands make waves online, especially among their younger target demographics; mainly Millennial and Gen-Z. The brand aesthetic embodies lighthearted youthfulness, with nods to early internet Y2K beginnings. We strive to demystify social media marketing in an approachable, whimsical format.

Q: The future of marketing is...

AH: Creators. Being influenced, either explicitly or implicitly, is the main function of marketing. As the creator economy expands, brands can capitalize on this influence through strategic partnerships.

Q: What are three tips for emerging founders + marketers?

AH: Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Define your audience and speak to them clearly. Create systems of accountability for yourself. Without structure, consistency becomes a challenge. Done is better than perfect. Often the motivation comes with getting started, not the other way around.

Q: A project you're most proud of:

AH: Recently, I’m proud of working with SpotLESS Materials, a biomimicry-based cleaning product client, on social and branding. The partnership we have through Breef has provided so much creative stimulation + satisfaction.

Q: Why Breef?

AH: Breef lets me focus my efforts on client work, instead of getting more clients. Breef is an amazing matchmaker and helps me find dream projects with ideal clients for my business.

Emerging Founders + Creatives