What to Ask on an Agency Call

What to Ask on an Agency Call

Your agency partner will become a true extension of your team, which is why an exploratory call with each agency on your ‘shortlist’ is a crucial part of the selection process.

It’s on these calls that you’ll get to know the agency and their team and, get all your questions answered. Many clients use this time to ‘flesh out the details’ outlined in the pitches.

As a starting point, we suggest you ask and/or confirm the ‘w’s:

- Who: Who on your team is working on my project? Get to know the team on the other side of the call. Do you mesh with your project lead, graphic designer, etc.?

- What: What will the budget cover? While this is outlined in your scope and presented in your pitch, make sure nothing is left out. We find Breef clients often add in extra deliverables beyond what’s listed in the project scope. Be upfront with your needs so both you + the agency are on the same page.

- When: When can you start my project? This is often covered in your proposals, but as you know, things can change.

- Where: Where are you located? While agencies are handpicked to your preference, this question is especially important if agencies have more than one location and/or are working remotely during this time.

- Why: Why do you want to work with my brand? Don’t be afraid to get personal – understand why the agency was drawn to your project, why your brand, why are they passionate about what you’re building?

As always, if you have any questions or want to talk specifics ahead of your shortlist calls, you can reach out to your Client Lead.